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TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders can literally be a pain in the jaw. The condition is associated with copius cracking and popping of the jaws while eating and discomfort. Often during mid bite the jaw may actually become stuck. ( A tiny disc or 'meniscus' inside the TMJ itself can become slightly displaced and temporarily stuck).

Today there is a growing awareness among both dental and chiropractic professionals, that the TMJ is intimately associated with functioning of the neck or cervical spine. Most people who have TMJ disorders have abnormalities of the cervical spine as well. The muscle tissue which supports the jaw, clinches with each bite taken and that bridges between the cervical spine and jaw must be in complete relaxed synchrony to maintain an even balanced bite. Malfunction or malposition of the cervical spine and its vertebrae can produce mechanical and nerve irritation which produces muscular imbalances in the bite mechanism. Having dealt with many TMJ sufferers it is common to find parallel restrictions in neck motion and jaw motion.
In these cases rebalancing of the jaw can only be attained with correction of the spine. However treatment is usually simple and well tolerated. Gentle adjustments, stretches and exercises are provided for both the TMJ and the neck region. Following discussion with your TMJ physician if needed we will skillfully perform such maneuvers to have you back on tract. Most TMJ work takes only a few short visits. Soon jaw pain, headaches and other annoying symptoms can be a memory.