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Pinched Nerve

Many people turn to chiropractic care for safe, effective treatment of "pinched nerves." While a "pinched nerve" usually responds very well to chiropractic care, it is actually a relatively rare condition. In true cases of pinched nerve, you will feel tingling, numbness, and possibly even weakness due to pressure and inflammation on a nerve from bulging discs or bone spurs along the spine. Pressure on these "pinched nerves" can cause your symptoms to travel away from the spine, along the course of the nerve. The nerves of the neck travel down the shoulder and extend into the arm, hand, and fingers. This is why so many neck problems cause symptoms to radiate into the arm and hand. The nerves of the low back join to form the sciatic nerve, which travels down the leg into the foot. This is why a "pinched nerve"
of the low back with symptoms radiating down the leg is often called "sciatica." More common than nerves being "pinched" by bone spurs or discs, nerves can very often become irritated by stiff and restricted joints and muscles. These nerve irritations can cause pain, and even numbness and tingling as well.

A thorough examination including orthopedic and neurologic testing and X-ray or MRI studies, if necessary, will help to determine your exact diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. Manipulation (adjustment) of the spinal and extremity joints is very effective in restoring normal function to the joints, as well as to the surrounding muscles and nerves. This usually leads to a decrease in pain and faster recovery. Part of your treatment may also include some of the following: acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and ice or heat therapy. Massage therapy and myofascial release techniques may also be used in conjunction with these other therapies in order to get the best results. Also, the chiropractor may arrange for on-site evaluation of your workout routine and/or workplace to correct improper ergonomic conditions, which may be aggravating your condition. If you are experiencing the symptoms of "pinched nerve" described above, we recommend that you schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.
In the event that your condition requires medical attention, an
appropriate referral would be made promptly. However, surgery is rarely needed and should only be considered if conservative therapy fails.