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Elbow Pain and Tennis & Golfers' Elbow

Most elbow injuries are due to overuse or repetitive strain. In "tennis elbow" (not always caused by playing tennis) there is an
overuse/overstrain of the muscles and ligaments that attach at the lateral part (outside) of the elbow. In "golfers' elbow" (not always caused by playing golf), the pain is in the muscles and ligaments on the medial part (inside) of the elbow.

A thorough examination including orthopedic testing will help to
determine your exact diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. Once a diagnosis has been reached, reducing the level of pain and inflammation around the elbow is of initial concern. Care consisting of ice, joint manipulation, physiotherapy (electrical stimulation/ultrasound), massage, and acupuncture may be used to accomplish this goal. Therapeutic exercises will be also be given to rehabilitate the injured, weakened tissues and overly tight muscles. Massage therapy and myofascial release techniques may also be used in conjunction with these other therapies in order to get the best results. Often a specialized brace will be given to prevent recurrent injury to the elbow
during the healing process. Not always thought of as a "chiropractic" condition by patients, chiropractic's conservative approach to elbow pain is often very effective, avoiding more invasive, risky treatment options. For example, repetitive cortisone injection should be avoided as it has been well documented to cause tendon disruption, and places you at risk of further injury for 2 to 6 weeks following injection. However,
if after examination we conclude that your case cannot be helped with conservative care, a prompt referral will be made.