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In normal breathing, air enters your nose and mouth and travels down your trachea, which divides into the left and right bronchi. The bronchi enter the lungs and extend down to the smallest branches, known as bronchioles. This is where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves it.

When this system does not work normally, the bronchioles may go into spasms, become swollen, or fill with mucus. This is commonly known as an asthmatic attack. It can be mild and somewhat uncomfortable -- or, in the most severe cases, prove to be fatal.

Often the person having the attack feels as though he or she can't take in a deep breath. Once the air is in, the person may find it very difficult to exhale. In an acute attack, the patient may be gasping for air. This may lead to a state of panic and make the attack even worse. These attacks can last from a few minutes to several hours, or even days.

There is no known medical cure for asthma at this time. Inhalers may be used for temporary relief. However, these may cause serious side effects. Some patients have also tried cortisone or other drugs with varying degrees of temporary success.
In our clinic we have treated hundreds of asthma cases, in both adults and children. it is actually one of the most common conditions that we treat in children and we enjoy a great deal of success.

In the case of asthma, we look for misalignment of the spine, known as subluxation, that causes pressure on the nervous system. It only makes sense that if there is pressure on the nerves that control the function of your lungs and bronchioles, they will not function properly.