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Ankle Sprains

The most common mechanism of injury causing an ankle sprain is one in which the foot is turned inward, causing a strain to the outside of the ankle. It is usually accompanied by swelling, pain, and stiffness. Early aggressive treatment of ankle sprains in the acute stage is crucial for quicker recovery, as well as optimal healing over the long term. Even though the pain and swelling will often resolve over time, reoccurrences are common without proper treatment and rehabilitation.

A thorough examination including orthopedic testing and X-ray or MRI studies, if necessary, will help to determine your exact diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. In the acute stage of recovery, chiropractic treatment can provide relief by reducing the level of pain and swelling using manipulation and physiotherapy (electric stimulation and/or ultrasound). Proper bracing, compression bandages, and splints can also be applied in the office. Therapeutic exercises will also be given in order to rehabilitate the muscles, ligaments, and ankle joint. This will strengthen the area and prevent reinjury.